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Work Related Injuries

Physical TherapyAnderson Physical Therapy and Work Related Injury

Has an injury at work occurred to you recently? Is pain that you are feeling a result of an unsafe work condition? Repetitive movements? We are able to treat all types of work related injuries and we see patients every day who suffer from these problems. Working environments can be rough and this means it can cause you a lot of pain.

Many studies have been done that have shown the positive effects that physical therapy can have on injuries that are incurred due to a work related injury. Kennewick Physical Therapists have always treated all of their patients with care and also compassion. They understand how important it is to relieve pain so that you can get back to work. Our office offers affordable care so that you can get treatment and return to work with ease. All of our doctors are qualified and licensed to treat work related injuries.

Work Place injury Physical Therapy

A workplace injury is an injury that occurs due to factors of your job. This can covers tasks and duties that are outline in your scope of work as well. An injury is not limited to a certain industry and anyone can sustain one. The most common types of injuries that occur are:

–          Brunt force trauma

–          Overexertion

–          Repetitive motion strain

–          Slip and fall

–          Improper lifting

–          Burns

Physical Therapists Can Treat Common Work Place Injuries

Man people suffer from workplace industries and just choose not to seek care. It is never a good idea to just deal with your pain because there are ways to get relief. Many of the most common workplace injuries include lifting heavy items and also repetitive motions. These can be very serious in nature and can range in industry from a warehouse to an office setting. Man workplace injuries only affect the soft tissue and also joints. We are able to treat the following problems you may be experiencing:

–          Back strains, disc problems, sprains

–          Neck sprains, strains, and joint dysfunction

–          Tears in the rotator cuff

–          Headaches due to poor posture, joint dysfunction, and muscle tension

–          Carpal tunnel

–          Tendonitis

–          Tingling and numbness in your limbs

How Your Local Kennewick Physical Therapists Can Help

We have skilled physical therapists here at Anderson Physical Therapy and all of them have many years of experience in handling work place injuries. Each physical therapist has an in depth knowledge of the body and this allows them to solely locate and focus on the problem.

Our workplace injury physical therapy team is here to help you and is ready to speak with you and design a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We will specifically work with you to help teach you how to continue working without causing or sustaining an injury again. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

We also treat other conditions such as:

–          General physical therapy

–          Neck pain

–          Whiplash

–          Lower back pain

–          Auto accident injuries

–          Rehabilitation

–          Shoulder pain

–          And more!


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