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Treating Whiplash

Physical Therapy Whiplash Treatment in Kennewick

Most car accidents, about 1/3, are rear end collisions. These types of crashes are the cause of many cases of whiplash injury. You can suffer from whiplash for a couple of other reasons as well including sports accidents and on the job accidents. Despite the reason you have whiplash, the condition is treated the same in every case.

The biomechanics of a whiplash injury are quite simple. Think about being pushed from behind by someone else. When this occurs, your head will quickly go backwards. This is how whiplash in incurred. The backward motion of the head, also known as hyperextension, is the cause of whiplash. The condition can occur in a number of different ways when the head is forced to move in one way or another.

The most common type of injury associated with this condition is the tearing of the ligaments that are in the neck. If the condition is severe, a disc may become fractured or even herniated. Both of these can lead to pain that is long term and debilitating. At Anderson Physical Therapy, we offer a wide range of treatment options to help you overcome your whiplash. These services are offered to you in our Kennewick office.

When taken care of effectively and properly, whiplash can be treated with as little as 6 months of treatment for a mild injury. Studies have shown that suffers of whiplash can experience pain for a long as 2 years after the initial injury occurred. To avoid more complications and pain, whiplash should only be treated by a trained and experienced professional. The best type of treatment is physical therapy where a combination of therapy and exercises can help you regain movement. The doctors at Anderson Physical Therapy are able to help you overcome your condition and are specifically trained in the area.

Soft Tissue Rehabilitation in Kennewick

Things such as ligaments, tendons, internal organs, muscles, spinal discs, and the nervous system are considered soft tissue. When you receive a whiplash injury, you are injuring soft tissue. Physical therapists will use a combination of different techniques and therapies to prevent permanent impairment and disability due to the injury.

Anderson Physical Therapy Whiplash Physical Therapy Care

Physical therapy care for a whiplash injury will involve working with the spine to help restore the normal position of it. Once the spine is realigned and worked back into position, patients will regain full movement. Physical therapy has a huge impact on a whiplash injury and can help prevent any type of lasting pain and damage. Some physical therapy treatments used to heal the area include massage, exercising, stretching and hot/cold therapy.

Medical Intervention in Kennewick

Dr. Jorgensen and the exceptional health care staff at Anderson Physical Therapy will help you when it comes to your recovery. They will work hard to make sure you are 100% comfortable and receiving the care and treatment you need. Medical intervention may need to be added to your recovery routine to ensure proper treatment.

If you are experiencing severe pain, it is not uncommon for medication and muscle relaxers to be used. Medical intervention is only used for a short amount of time and will help you regain movement.

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