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Neck Pain

Physical TherapyNeck Pain Treatment in Kennewick

Neck pain can be extremely painful and also cause a patient to not be able to function properly. Neck pain has a number of different causes and can be related to a medical problem, work related injury, car accident, stress, or excess weight. No matter the reason for your neck pain, Anderson Physical Therapy is able to help you seek out pain relief. We provide effective treatment plans which will eliminate the pain you are feeling. Our Kennewick office sees many patients who come to us with a complaint of neck pain. If you are suffering from loss of mobility in your neck, neck stiffness, or pain in the neck when you touch the area, come give us a visit. Some of the most common causes of neck pain include:

–          Car accidents

–          Poor sleeping position

–          Work related injuries

–          Stress

–          Poor posture

–          Sports related accidents

When you come in for a visit with our trained and experienced physical therapists, we will determine exactly what is causing you pain and we will then draw up a treatment plan.

Chronic Neck Pain

Neck pain can become chronic if it is not treated properly. Any type of neck pain that has lasted for more than 12 weeks is considered chronic. You may have a serious medical condition if your neck pain is accompanied by pain behind the eyes reduced muscle function, fever, or light sensitivity. When you come into our office, we will perform a very thoroughly evaluation and determine the best treatment for you and your condition. If we think there is a deeper medial problem or concern, we will refer you over to a specialist for further medical testing.

Neck Adjustments in Kennewick

Our board certified physical therapists will use a wide range of techniques to help treat your chronic neck pain. It is possible that you may only need a simple neck adjustment followed by a few lifestyle changes.

A cervical adjustment is a procedure where your physical therapist will place a specific amount of pressure on the joints located in your neck. This procedure does not hurt and it will help restore mobility and function in your neck. Depending on your specific situation, we may use more than one type of treatment to give you the best physical therapy care around.

Let Us Give You the Help You Need

Suffering from neck pain is a life full of pain and agony. This neck pain can impair your social activities and prevent you from doing simple tasks, even around the house. If you are ready to stop struggling with the increasing pain, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Kennewick office has caring staff, easy office hours, and flexible scheduling so you can always make it in for an evaluation.

We also offer treatments for the following:

–          General physical therapy care

–          Work related injuries

–          Rehabilitation

–          Lower back pain

–          Whiplash

–          Shoulder pain

–          Auto accident injuries

–          And more!


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