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Lower Back Pain

Physical TherapyLower Back Pain Treatment in Kennewick

Chronic back pain and lower back pain can stem from a number of different reasons. No matter the reason, the pain can be very debilitating and you may not be able to move when you are experiencing pain. Pain in the back that stays for a long period of time can actually cause more harm that you know. Intense lower back pain is known to become so severe that is actually hinders a person’s daily activities. Your local Kennewick Physical Therapists at Anderson Physical Therapy know and understand how bad back pain can be. We offer a variety of different treatment options that are very effective and will help alleviate your pain.

A non-invasive form of treatment that is popular when treating back pain is spinal decompression. This treatment option is highly effective as well. Our Kennewick office offers non-surgical spinal decompression and other types of lower back treatments that will help treat the following:

–          Spinal disc detraction

–          Lower lumber pressure reduction

–          Nerve root compression issues

–          Below the knee leg issues

–          And more!

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Hyper-mobility is the most common reason of lower back pain. Hyper-mobility means that your lower back region moves in a different direction than the rest of the spine which then causes the muscles in your lower back to try and stabilize the area. If this situation occurs a couple of times, the body can handle it; however, if your body is doing this constantly, it will suffer from lower back pain.

If you are suffering from pain in your lower back, we welcome you to come into our Kennewick office for a consultation. Depending on what is causing your pain, we will offer you a number of different treatment options including:

–          Spinal alignment

–          Realignment

–          Adjustment of the spine

–          Spinal decompression

What Should Be Expected

When you first come into Anderson Physical Therapy in Kennewick, we will discuss your medical history with you. This will be a thorough discussion to ensure that we know everything needed to tailor a treatment plan. Once we have spoken about your medical history, we will then perform a physical evaluation which may include the use of x-rays. After a physical evaluation, we will then be able to tailor a treatment plan for your needs.

Your treatment plan may include one of or a combination of different treatment options. Our sole goal at Anderson Physical Therapy is to help you restore motion and function in your back and also help relieve you of pain.

If you are experiencing any type of lower back pain, call our office today. We can get you in for an evaluation and get you on your way to a pain free life.

We also treat the following conditions:

–          Whiplash

–          General physical therapy

–          Work related injuries

–          Auto accident injuries

–          Rehabilitation

–          Neck pain

–          Shoulder pain

–          And more!


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