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General Physical Therapy

Physical TherapyKennewick Physical Therapy

Everything that we involve ourselves in and also experience is done and handled through the nervous system. You can think of your spinal cord as the tail end of your brain. It is responsible for all of your movements and communication with the cells and brain. Since your spinal cord is extremely important, we, at Anderson Physical Therapy, believe that your overall wellness and happiness lies within the health of your spine and nervous system.

Anderson Physical Therapy offers general physical therapy and we are able to work with patients to help improve the communication between your brain and nerves. This will allow you to efficiently defend yourself against injury and illness. With general physical therapy treatment, your body will be able to better communicate and sync with your spine. You will overall live a healthier life, you will avoid spinal injuries, and your chances of injuries in general will decrease.

You can trust the healthcare professionals at Anderson Physical Therapy to help you achieve the relief you need and have been searching for. You should never let spinal or back pain take over your life nor do you have to. Our doctors are trained and experienced in physical therapy treatment and know how to handle all types of spinal problems.

Our physical therapists will talk to you and discuss your condition with you to gain a complete understanding of the type of pain you are facing and how they can work to help alleviate it. No matter the reason for your pain, we will work with you to get you the treatment you need.

Our Kennewick office offers convenient and flexible hours for patients so that you can make an appointment that fits into your schedule. Our office is up to date with all of the latest and best in technology and equipment for all of your physical therapy needs.

Don’t delay any more and call us today to set up a consultation to receive physical therapy care. Once you visit us, you will see why our patients are back to living their lives like they once did; pain free. Never let an injury come between you and your life again.

We also offer services in these areas:

–          Shoulder pain

–          Work related injuries

–          Rehabilitation

–          Lower back pain

–          Whiplash

–          Neck pain

–          Auto accident injuries

–          And much more!

For your next physical therapy appointment call us at 509-736-2225.