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Physical Therapy

Kennewick Physical Therapy Conditions Treated

Physical therapy is more than just a way to manage pain. Yes, it does help manage your pain but is also a way to live pain free and better to avoid injuries to your body. It takes many years of experience and a solid education to understand how the body works and to create an optimum situation where the body can heal. Our Kennewick Physical Therapists are dedicated to offering only the best of the best to our patients.

Our medical professionals are dedicated and also very caring. Each therapist offers one on one evaluations, treatment, and education. They offer treatment plans that are tailored to every single individual and their body. Anderson Physical Therapy offers numerous different treatments for all of the following conditions:

–          Auto accident injuries

–          Work related injuries

–          Shoulder pain

–          Lower back pain

–          Neck pain

–          Whiplash

–          General physical therapy care

–          Rehabilitation

–          And more!

All of our services are provided in our office that is fully up to date with all of the best and latest in technology.

Rehabilitation Options and Holistic Physiotherapy

Pain can stem from a number of different issues and problems that are going on with your body. Pain is also not limited to one single area and it can occur anywhere. At Anderson Physical Therapy, we will do a thorough evaluation of your body to identify exactly where the pain is originating. Pain can be in the form of a physical component or even a mental component.

For example, patients who are experiencing headaches and migraines actually suffer from an imbalance that occurs in the skull, neck, and upper back. This head pain is often times caused by fatigue, stress, and mental pressures. Our office is equipped with and uses the best equipment to provide full body scans to patients. These scans will help identify the source of any problem. Our physiotherapists are dedicated to helping every single patient heal their body.

Kennewick Physical Therapists’ Way of Thinking

The physical therapists at Anderson Physical Therapy are committed to offering patients with a wide selection of health care. Our offices are designed with the patients’ comfort in mind. Our staff is dedicated to making sure that every single patient is comfortable throughout their appointment.

We believe in making sure that we stay on top of the latest in rehabilitation and physiotherapy techniques. This allows us to provide out patients with top of the line care. Our therapists are constantly renewing their skills and learning everything that they can to offer the best in care.

Are you interested in receiving physical therapy treatment but want to know how we can specifically care for your ailments? Contact us today at 509-736-2225 to set up an appointment for a thorough evaluation.


Physical Therapy