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All About Physical Therapy An Alternative to Surgery

All About Physical Therapy: An Alternative to Surgery

Physical TherapyPhysical therapy is beneficial for people who suffer from injuries and strains on their muscles. Other parts of the body and other diseases can be addressed as well and physical therapy will greatly improve the condition of your ailment. Many individuals feel an improvement in their mobility and pain level.

Injuries Treated

Physical therapists most commonly treat sports injuries, acute injuries, and chronic injuries.

Chronic injuries include swelling, pain when performing different activities, and aches when resting.

Sports injuries include tears in tendons, muscle strains, muscle sprains, fractured bones, dislocated joints, and torn tendons.

Acute injuries include swelling, extreme weakness in limbs, sudden pain, tenderness in an upper limb, and inability to move a joint.

Types of Physical Therapy Treatment

Rehabilitation is a process that allows physical therapists to help patients regain movement and use in their limbs. Rehabilitation is a process of stretching and working out the muscles through a graduated exercise routine.

Massage will help reduce tightness in the muscles and the rubbing and pressing will increase blood flow to the injured areas.

Electrostimulation is an electrical current that runs through the body but is mild in intensity. The electricity will help decrease swelling and decrease the amount of pain a patient feels.

Cold and heat therapy is used to help constrict and expand the blood vessels to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and overall help alleviate pain.

See a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist can be sought out after surgery is performed or before surgery is performed as an alternative. Many people find relief from their injuries and chronic pain by seeing a physical therapist.

The goal behind physical therapy is to help manage pain and return a patient back to their previous state. The workouts and exercises used throughout the course of the therapy can be replicated at home for maximum results.

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