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After working for several years as a staff therapist and clinic director, Trevor Anderson decided Physical Therapyto go out on his own founded Anderson Physical Therapy in 2009.  Trevor wanted to create a clinic where the focus was on creating individualized treatment programs for each patient that walked through the door regardless of the injury that they presented with.  With an extensive background in working with the Department of Labor and Industries, athletes, and post-surgery patients, the staff at Anderson Physical Therapy began working with individuals who had suffered traumatic injuries at work.  With the success of the treatment programs, the staff at Anderson Physical Therapy began to expand the focus of the clinic to encompass people who had been involved in motor vehicle collisions. 

Receiving the proper health care for individuals who have suffered a personal injury or traumatic injuries can be confusing and complex.  Many providers are unfamiliar with car insurance or working with third party carriers and they are hesitant to work with the individual.  Trevor began to reach out to other providers and began to build a network of providers that could help provide the needed conservative care for these injured people.

In late 2009, Trevor found an unlikely ally in a very allopathic chiropractor with extensive experience in treating patients who had suffered a traumatic injury such as a car accident or work injury.  Dr. Aaron Jorgensen at Northwest Spinal Rehab and Trevor Anderson began working side by side and have had unprecedented success in the rehabilitation and return to prior functional status of individuals who have been injured.

Currently, Anderson Physical Therapy and Northwest Spinal Rehab share office space and provide a professional, friendly, and dynamic atmosphere where each patient’s individual needs are met as the providers exhaust every avenue to help the patient return to his or her prior level of function.  When needed, we work closely with area specialists including: MD’s, orthopedic surgeons, spine specialists, local imaging centers, and pain management specialists.

We are proud of our friendly, professional staff and are committed to providing the best care available in Southeastern Washington.  Call or visit us today!